Fishing in mountain lakes

These are all lakes above 1800 meters. Up there, after a more or less long climb, we feel a sense of freedom and a change of scenery ! This year, the fishing season of altitude will be open from Saturday, June 20 to Sunday, October 11, 2015.

In order to respect nature, it is advisable to respect the regulation :

  • Fishing license is obligatory (to fish without licence is an infringement being able to reach 450 euros).
  • The size of capture of fishes is of 20 cm.
  • The number of fish is limited to 6 fishes per day and fisherman. Are regarded as captured fishes all fishes, even alive preserved in a basket during the fishing party.
  • The use of hooks with tongues is prohibited except for the fishing with dead or lively fish, the fishing with the spoon and artificial fly-fishing.
  • Fishing boat or using any floating object is prohibited.
  • Only authorized for fishing lively or dead fish, dead or alive minnow “phoxynus-phoxynus”.
  • The other provisions of the regulation of the first category are not modified.


Some examples of lakes of altitude:


Lake Les Cordes
– Altitude : 2446m
– Surface (hectare) : 2
– Starting point for foot : Chalets les Chalps – Cervières
– Time (approximately) : 1h15
– Fishes present : Rainbow Trout

Black Lake :
– Altitude : 2440 m
– Surface (hectare) : 0,8
– Starting point for foot : Le Chazelet – La Grave
– Time (approximately) : 2h45
– Fishes present : Rainbow Trout

Lake Cristol
– Altitude : 2245m
– Surface (hectare) : 1,9
– Starting point for foot : Parking Bergerie – Saint Chaffrey
– Time (approximately) : 0h50
– Fishes present : Rainbow Trout, Fario Trout

Lake L’Oule :
– Altitude : 2425 m
– Surface (hectare) : 1,6
– Starting point for foot : Parking Col du Granon – Saint Chaffrey
– Time (approximately) : 0H50
– Fishes present : Fario Trout, Omble knight



 These lakes of altitude are populated with a variety of fish like the Fario Trout, the Salmon of fountain, the Rainbow Trout or the Omble knight…