MTB RATES – from 2th July to 28th August 2016

Briançon <>Monêtier 12 ans et + 6-11 ans*
1 Ride 13,60 € 10,80 €
Day Pass 19,80 € 15,70 €
Half day pass (1) 15,80 € 12,70 €
2 days out of 7 (2) 34,10 € 26,20 €
4 non-consecutive days (3) 67,20 € 51,30 €
6 consecutive days Grande Galaxie (4) 88,30 € 67,20 €
Season Grande Galaxie (5) 203,90 € 154,60 €

*Pass FREE* for children under 6 (upon presentation of proper identification)


5 exceptional MTB sites accessible with the 6 consecutive days or the season pass from 4th july to 26rd august 2016

Montgenèvre, Puy-Saint-Vincent, l’Alpe d’Huez et les Deux Alpes

Discover the mountain bike trails on the altitude area of Serre Chevalier.  

Safety instructions ! 

Choose adequate equipement and safety gear 

  • When mountain biking, a full-face crash helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads, and a back protector are strongly recommended. 
  • A bike that is suited to this sport and in good working order is strongly recommended
  • It is mandatory to wear a helmet and gloves, if possible, even for leisure bike riding

Be careful  

  • Never go mountain biking alone
  • When trying a downhill trail for the first time, it is recommended to adjust your speed to get to know the terrain better and to spot technical areas
  • Take the weather, your skills and each obstacle or module into account to adapt your speed
  • Do not attempt reckless stunts

Respect others

  • Change your speed to adapt to traffic and terrain visibility
  • To pass other users, make your presence known, slow down, keep a safe distance, and pass slowly or stop completely : pedestrians always have priority
  • Do not stop on the trail, stop on the side or use authorized stopping areas 
  • To take pictures and/or videos, stay off the trail and be careful

Respect signs and markings  

  • Moutain biking is not permitted on some trails, make sure you know which ones 
  • Be mindful of signs and markings and respect them

Respect the environment, cattle raisers and farmers

  • Respect the environment. Do not leave any waste behind
  • Minimize your impact. Do not create trails, ramps or jumps without prior approval
  • Do not drift anywhere on the trails. Do not cut switchbacks

Contact Note : 

  • Weather forecast : 08 99 71 02 05
  • Moutain Rescue (Mobile phone) : 112 

 “All rates published are valid throughout the 2015 summer season and include the VAT, ten percent (10%) of the net price. (Art. 279b quater du Code Général des Impôts). However, any increase of the VAT beyond the rate of 10% of the net price will be automatically reflected in the overall price from the date of such change.”