A rich heritage in Serre Chevalier

There is more than just ski in Serre Chevalier … there is a rich heritage!

Of course our ski resort is wonderful, but our valley hides many well kept secrets …

Walk around Monêtier under the snow, learn about the history of the hot springs and this warm water that flows accross the streets. Spend a little time in La Salle to have a look at the pieces of work that our artists from the XVth century have left for us to admire. Finally, realise that Chantemerle is indeed an old village that wasn’t build only for skiing!
A little break in a full week of skiing will feel good, and our villages will reveal their secrets to you.
Free guided tour are available every day of the week, at 10am and 2pm, and you are going to love it !

Another way to enjoy Serre Che

Monêtier and its heritage: «The mountain village»

This village with a hundred little streets offers some gorgeous views on the glaciers, the mountain and the valley ; The best place to discover its architecture with a thousand details.

The Rotonde and its hot waters, the many fountains … Water is a very important heritage of the village.

The town counts many hamlets, all have their own characteritics and beauty, different at every season of the year. From one church to another, there are surprises at every corner, it’s time to open your eyes widely!

Inside the chapels, there are so many treasures to discover, fresco in a garage, a sacred arts museum and quid of the « penitents ».

Many things to do and see, and a nice hot bath to warm yourself up after your winter escapes.

La Salle les Alpes and its heritage: «Paintings and wonders»

Villeneuve is often better known, but La Salle is a beutiful old village sprinkled by the sun. The village Le Bez is nestled at the border of the forest and often stays in the shade, no wonder we often call its inhabitants the « frozen heads »!

Many sundials everywhere, and some painted jewels hide in a chapel that stands in the middle of the nature, entirely embellished with XVth century’s fresco.

Saint chaffrey and its heritage: «Atypical village, hidden and preserved »

Saint Chaffrey is not Chantemerle… hum… and it also works the other way around ! It is very important not to confuse those two little villages. Both charming, they offer nice little neighborhoods, but we shall not mix them up.

Chantemerle is a countained village, when Saint Chaffrey speads accross the Saint Elisabeth torrent.

There are so many hidden treasures to be discoved in those villages!

Serre Chevalier rich Heritage

Heritage and Snow – Serre Chevalier Briançon © Agence Zoom