Experience Dog Sledding Serre Chevalier.

You have always been dreaming to pet White Fang and to slide with Jack London  

Dog sleding : Let the dream become a reality in Serre Chevalier.

Just after dawn, we meet up with our musher and his pack. The dogs are a little bit shy at the beginning, but their curiosity soon takes over. We cover them with strokes and they carry us in their snow games.

The musher prepares the carriage and the dog’s barkings are getting louder ; they are so impatient to get going!

Let’s go now ! Sitting in the sled, so close to the snow, we are flying and the gliding sensations are amazing ! The dogs are madly happy, they can’t get enough of it and we can’t either.

At the bottom of the mountains, we are falling back into childhood, carried around effortlessly in the middle of the wild nature … A real snow tale !