Fishing in mountain lakes

These are all lakes above 1800 meters. Up there, after a more or less long climb, we feel a sense of freedom and a change of scenery ! This year, the fishing season of altitude will be open from March 12 to October , 2017.

In order to respect nature, it is advisable to respect the regulation :

  • Fishing license is obligatory .
  • The size of capture of fishes is of 20 cm.
  • The number of fish is limited to 6 fishes per day and fisherman. Are regarded as captured fishes all fishes, even alive preserved in a basket during the fishing party.
  • The use of hooks with tongues is prohibited except for the fishing with dead or lively fish, the fishing with the spoon and artificial fly-fishing.
  • Fishing boat or using any floating object is prohibited.
  • Only authorized for fishing lively or dead fish, dead or alive minnow “phoxynus-phoxynus”.
  • The other provisions of the regulation of the first category are not modified.


Some examples of lakes of altitude:


Lake Les Cordes
– Altitude : 2446m
– Surface (hectare) : 2
– Starting point for foot : Chalets les Chalps – Cervières
– Time (approximately) : 1h15
– Fishes present : Rainbow Trout

Black Lake :
– Altitude : 2440 m
– Surface (hectare) : 0,8
– Starting point for foot : Le Chazelet – La Grave
– Time (approximately) : 2h45
– Fishes present : Rainbow Trout

Lake Cristol
– Altitude : 2245m
– Surface (hectare) : 1,9
– Starting point for foot : Parking Bergerie – Saint Chaffrey
– Time (approximately) : 0h50
– Fishes present : Rainbow Trout, Fario Trout

Lake L’Oule :
– Altitude : 2425 m
– Surface (hectare) : 1,6
– Starting point for foot : Parking Col du Granon – Saint Chaffrey
– Time (approximately) : 0H50
– Fishes present : Fario Trout, Omble knight



 These lakes of altitude are populated with a variety of fish like the Fario Trout, the Salmon of fountain, the Rainbow Trout or the Omble knight…