Rider Leader

As part of the health and safety duties of the Ski Patrol, prevention plays an increasingly important role. To be effective these actions need to relate to all users of the ski area and be adapted to their needs. The Rider Leader concept is based on the Ski Patrol’s mountain craft experience, particularly regarding group behaviour, and the need to identify a leader who has the right skills to take action and make the right decisions when necessary so that the mountains and skiing are synonymous with safety and pleasure. 

Join the Serre Chevalier resort Ski Patrol, learn and reinforce your safety skills to minimise the dangers of Free Riding.

Where? Emergency station top Vallons chairlift 

Every Tuesday and Friday at 2 pm from December 22, 2020 to April 16, 2021*

Rider Leader Bronze:
Objective: Briefing on off-piste safety.
Every Tuesday – 2pm.

Rider Leader Silver:
Objective: Know how to give an alert and
learn how to free a person buried in the
snow. Every Tuesday – 2pm.

Rider Leader Gold:
Objective: Simulate avalanche accident
for an operational situation.
Every Friday – 2pm

Topics covered: planning a free ride session, reading the terrain, safety distances, what to do in an emergency and the use of safety equipment (DVA - Avalanche Victim Detectors).

Rider Leader

*subject to change