Snooc in Serre Chevalier

The SNOOC CROSS is a playful challenge open to all, from 11 to 77 years old.
SNOOC is a new snow activity, launched exclusivity in Serre Chevalier in 2016.
Somewhere in between sled and karting, easy to learn and very responsive, it will give you unique sensations on the snow. Challenge your friends for a night full of laughs and sensations!

How does it work?

Built to be “comfortable for off-piste”, light weight is the Snooc’s biggest advantage (less than 2 kg), and you can use it with any type of shoes.
“In less than two minutes and with just two screws to remove, you will set your Snooc either for going up or down”, describes its creator.
Within ten minutes, you cn have fun and enjoy riding in between the trees. There is no need to have a specific technique, it’s simply easy to master.


snooc à serrechevalier