Ecrins National Park

The Ecrins National Park is home to around 210 of the 440 known species of bird found in Europe and almost 110 other species of vertebrate.
There are 1800 species of plant in the park and its surrounding areas, 40 of which are rare or endangered and 35 are endemic to the park itself. Visitors are not allowed to pick the plants and flowers. Even once you’re outside the park, please do not touch the plants, instead admire them in their natural environment!
Le Monêtier les Bains is one in the villages within the park boundaries and has a visitor centre housing several exhibitions.
Our mountain species are: the larch that loses its needles and adopts an ochre hue in autumn, Arolla pine, black pine, downy oak and beech.

Chamois: studies have shown that there are 12,000 chamois living in the park.
Ibex: nearly 200 ibex in the Cerces Massif.
Marmots: they’re everywhere, you can’t miss them!
Why not visit ’La Montagne aux Marmottes’ an hour from Serre Chevalier in Le Sauze du Lac (+33 (0)4 92 44 32 00).
Golden eagles: can be seen circling overhead.

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