370km of paths to explore in Serre Chevalier and the National Park.
You will find the following maps useful:
Cartoguide : Serre Chevalier Vallée – 1/30000
3536 OT: Briançon-Serre Chevalier 1/25000
N°241: Massif des Ecrins – 1/25000
Pays des Ecrins – 1/50000

Cartoguide : 1/30000

The essential guide to walking in Serre Chevalier (lakes, long routes, walks with botanical and geological themes).
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Via alpina
Serre Chevalier in a network of fully marked-out hiking trails almost 5,000 kilometres long, running from Trieste (Italy), on the Adriatic coast … to Monaco, on the Mediterranean!

GR routes
GR50: Tour of the Haut Dauphiné traverses the valley from top to bottom.
GR54: Tour of the Ecrins Park. Starting from Le Casset and Le Monêtier or from the top of the Chantemerle cablecar after the Col de la Pisse.
GR5 variant c: you can join the northern variant of the famous Briançon-Nice route for walkers at the Col du Granon or in Briançon itself.

Oule, Cristol, Grand Lac, la Douche, Combeynot, Arsine, and others, which you can reach from our valley.

Long routes
The tour of the Combeynot lake in the Ecrins National Park or the famous Chemin du Roy overlooking the valley from Le Lauzet to Le Granon.

Walks with a geological theme
’Sentier géologique du Rocher Blanc’
This path takes you on a tour of the geology of the Briançon region, covering its 300 million year history. Outings are organised by the Centre Briançonnais de Géologie Alpine – Email – tel: +33 (0)4 92 20 56 55.
Other visits include Le Chenaillet at Montgenèvre: a dive at altitude that explores the best underwater fossil volcano in the Alps.

Themed walks
Botanical walks: Le Bez botanical walk, about an hour through beautiful flora.
Historical walks: Path following irrigation canals, takes you through the history of the canals of the Briançon region.
Hearts of stone: sundials, oratories, chapels in Saint Chaffrey.

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