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The Visa Trekking Mountain Office is member of the National Park Spirit Label. Some of our outings in the Ecrins National Park benefit from this brand. We support this approach of sustainable tourism and mountain protection. Commitment, authenticity, respect, sharing and vitality are the values of this brand.
We are a group of professional mountain Briançon who offer during the summer, hiking, canyoning, electric mountain bike and during the Winter snowshoes outings.

Ph. 06 77 10 63 08
Ph. 06 78 13 87 72
Please contact the Visa Trekking Team for a rate idea / depending on the desired activity; on their web you will find ratess for snowshoes hikes for example:

Bureau Montagne Visa Trekking, Le Clos du Vas, 05100 Puy-Saint-André

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