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Deep relaxation to promote wellbeing

What is SHIATSU ?
SHI means « fingers » and ATSU means « pressure »
Shiatsu is a form of personally adapted therapeutic massage and of course more. It is a massage that uses fingers and palms to apply pressure on specific areas of the body to correct internal malfunctioning, promote and maintain health.

The therapy helps to encourage blood flow troughout the body and can potentially :
. Relieve general pain, back pain,shoulder tensions and migraines.
. Stimulate digestion ;
. Boost and strengthen the immune system.
. Encourage relaxation.
. Help to harmonize the immune system.

For more information, please contact : Laurence Evrard
Shiatsu Practitionner. Graduate of the Institute of traditional Shiatsu, Avignon and member of the French Federation of traditional Shiatsu.

Ph. 06 82 27 90 34
50/60 €

Laurence Evrard, 7 route du Granon, 05330 Saint-Chaffrey

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