MTB rates – Summer 2018 season

Briançon <>Monêtier 12 y.o. & + 6-11 y.o.*
1 Ride 14,80 € 11,70 €
Day Pass 22,10 € 18,00 €
Half day pass (1) 19,10 € 14,90 €
2 days out of 7 (2) [-20% with Pass Partout card] 37,20 € 28,60 €
4 non-consecutive days (3) [-20% with Pass Partout card] 73,30 € 56,00 €
6 consecutive days Grande Galaxie (4) 96,40 € 73,30 €
Season Grande Galaxie (5) 222,60 € 168,80 €

*Pass FREE* for children under 6 (upon presentation of proper identification)
(1) Morning or afternoon from 1:00 pm. (2) Within the period of validity

(3) Available throughout the 2018 summer season. (4) One day included in each Grand Galaxie MTB resort
(5) Two days included in each Grand Galaxie MTB resort

5 exceptional MTB sites accessible with the 6 consecutive days or the season pass from 8th July to 26th August 2018

Montgenèvre, Puy-Saint-Vincent, Alpe d’Huez and Deux Alpes

 Discover the mountain bike trails on the altitude area of Serre Chevalier.  

Group rates

For any request for group rates (minimum 20 people), please contact our Sales Department at this email address: 


Safety instructions ! 

  • When mountain biking, a full-face crash helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads, and a back protector are strongly recommended. 
  • A bike that is suited to this sport and in good working order is strongly recommended
  • It is mandatory to wear a helmet and gloves, if possible, even for leisure bike riding

Be careful  

  • Never go mountain biking alone
  • When trying a downhill trail for the first time, it is recommended to adjust your speed to get to know the terrain better and to spot technical areas
  • Take the weather, your skills and each obstacle or module into account to adapt your speed
  • Do not attempt reckless stunts

Respect others

  • Change your speed to adapt to traffic and terrain visibility
  • To pass other users, make your presence known, slow down, keep a safe distance, and pass slowly or stop completely : pedestrians always have priority
  • Do not stop on the trail, stop on the side or use authorized stopping areas 
  • To take pictures and/or videos, stay off the trail and be careful

Respect signs and markings  

  • Moutain biking is not permitted on some trails, make sure you know which ones 
  • Be mindful of signs and markings and respect them

Respect the environment, cattle raisers and farmers

  • Respect the environment. Do not leave any waste behind
  • Minimize your impact. Do not create trails, ramps or jumps without prior approval
  • Do not drift anywhere on the trails. Do not cut switchbacks

Contact Note : 

  • Weather forecast : 08 99 71 02 05
  • Moutain Rescue (Mobile phone) : 112 

See pedestrian rates

 “All rates published are valid throughout the 2018 summer season and include the VAT, ten percent (10%) of the net price. (Art. 279b quater du Code Général des Impôts). However, any increase of the VAT beyond the rate of 10% of the net price will be automatically reflected in the overall price from the date of such change.”