FatBike: The mountain bike that can go anywhere

The Fatbike: more than just a mountain bike, it really can go everywhere, on sand, but especially on the snow, and that is what interests us here !!

The Fatbike has super wide wheels, it floats on soft surfaces.  Even if you burn up some calories riding around on soft snow, it will be much less than with a normal bike 😜


There are now signposted routes that allow you travel up and down the valley, connecting the lake at the Pontillas in Villeneuve to the Lauzet village above Monêtier Les Bains.


There are several places to set off from:

  • Pontillas lake
  • Guibertes, next to the Nordic Skiing area, near the Pont de l’Union
  • Pré Chabert, on either side of the lift area at the foot of the slopes
  • At the Casset bridge next to the beautifully restored mill
  • At the Pont des Boussardes

… get your crampons on!

Try out a FatBike on a ski slope!LAO22061

Try a FatBike in the Serre Chevalier ski area: equipped with super wide wheels, you can now mountain bike on a specially adapted ski slope.

From 15th december 2018 to 22nd april 2019*.

With a FatBike instructor only and be be in possession of a valid skipass.

*subject to change  snow conditions

Find out more about “First Tracks”.

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