The company that operates the Serre Chevalier resort (SCV-Domaine Skiable) has decided to provide information on the size of the resort in hectares and international acres to give skiers all over the world an idea of the total area it covers.

This area has been precisely measured and validated by KALIBLUE, an independent and certified body that is specialised in land and aerial topography (

The notion of runs in terms of kilometres, for which several calculation methods exist within European resorts, is no longer used at Serre Chevalier.

The marked ski area totalling 410 hectares (1013 international acres), includes the downhill runs as well as the uphill tracks for surface lifts and excludes the ArvaPark and sledge areas. The total surface area, including off piste zones, has also been drawn up and includes the sectors that can be accessed from the top of ski lifts where it is possible to ski back down to the resort.

This surface is 3901 hectares, in other words 9640 international acres, 39.01 km² or 15.06 m².

SCV-Domaine Skiable decided to give details of the size of the ski area and make it available on its website, as a digital file with the data enabling the exact size of the ski area to be clearly visualised. This data has been drawn up using the software Geoconcept, one of the leaders in Geographic Information Systems. It can be used by software for general viewing such as Google Earth.

– Download Google Earth

Download the ski area folder (.KMZ) on  and drop it on your Google Earth’s interface 

– Then, download the groomed surfaces folder (.KMZ) and drag and drop it on the ski area one. 

*Only marked ski slopes are secured by ski patrol team, out of this area it is a non-secure zone, in which skiers evolve under their own responsibility. A number of preliminary rules to practice off-track must be applied, include: check the weather, the level of avalanche risk , learn how to use a DVA… Serre Chevalier ski patrol team is at your disposal to inform you, do not hesitate to contact them. 

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