Avalanche Transceiver Checkpoints

Is my avalanche transceiver working correctly? Have I switched it on? Is it in the right mode? With the control beacons you don’t need to take off 4 layers of clothes to find out – just pass one of the beacons to check if you are ready to go!

Serre Chevalier

Location: 5 beacons throughout the whole Serre Chevalier Vallée ski area close to:

  • the arrival of the Bachas chairlift (Monêtier)
  • the arrival of Vallons chairlift (Villeneuve)
  • the arrival of Casse du Bœuf chairlift (Villeneuve
  • the arrival of Clôt Gauthier chairlift (Villeneuve)
  • he arrival of Prorel gondola – station # 2 (Briançon).

These terminals are represented by specific icons on the piste map.

Use: free  access (just carry a valid ski pass).

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