Prudent Pisteur

“If you’re aged between 7 and 14 years old, and you think that safety on the mountains is important, why not come and join the “Pisteur Prudent” safety awareness team?”

The ski patrol team will carefully explain the safety rules to you, then your mission is to… Become a safety ambassador on the slopes of Serre Chevalier Vallée… something that both you and your parents can be justifiably proud of!

Serre Chevalier

From December 23, 2017 to April 22, 2018*:

  • « Pisteur Prudent » safety awareness program, including a full briefing & distribution of reward:

every wednesday*, at Chantemerle: meeting at 2 pm at the first aid post near  top of the Combes chairlift

– every thursday*, at Villeneuve: meeting at 2 pm at the first aid post near  the top of the Vallons chairlift.

  • every day*: find the ski patrol team on the slopes or go directly to a first aid post. 

Watch out skiers and riders: a budding ski patrol is coming your way to encourage good behaviour on the slopes with a smile!

*subject to the availability of the ski patrol team with priority given to rescue operations.

Check out the Avalanche Transceiver Control

Rider Leader

Rider Leader

As part of the health and safety duties of the Ski Patrol, prevention plays an increasingly important role. To be effective these actions need to relate to all users of the ski area and be adapted to their needs. The Rider Leader concept is based on the Ski Patrol’s mountain craft experience, particularly regarding group behaviour, and the need to identify a leader who has the right skills to take action and make the right decisions when necessary so that the mountains and skiing are synonymous with safety and pleasure.

Join the Serre Chevalier resort Ski Patrol, learn and reinforce your safety skills to minimise the dangers of Free Riding.

Where: Emergency station top Vallons chairlift

Every Tuesday at 2 pm from December 26 2017 to April 17 2018

Topics covered: planning a free ride session, reading the terrain, safety distances, what to do in an emergency and the use of safety equipment (DVA – Avalanche Victim Detectors).

Pist’EcolePist'Ecole Serre Chevalier

Do you know what the different signs and markers mean on the slopes? Visit the Pist’Ecole Serre Chevalier to learn and understand what they all mean as you follow them dotted along this fun and informative run.

Where: on the Fangeas piste near the Aravet emergency station (Villeneuve)

Free access every day from December 23 2017 to April 22 2018

 All about Avalanche Transceiver Check Points

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