New Côte Chevalier chairlift

Serre Chevalier Ski Area, operator of the ski resort of Serre Chevalier Vallée has a new operational lift since mid-December 2018 with an investment of around € 10 million for more skiing!

A new chair improving the flow of skiers at altitude and speeding up the links between Monêtier and the rest of the resort:

Monêtier > Briançon:
> 5 chairlifts : Bachas, Eychauda, Cucumelle, Côte Chevalier, Prorel
> 35 minutes transit time on ski lifts
> 2 descents
– Increased flow: 3,000 people / hour
– Improvements to the Lacets run
– Dismantling: Côte Chevalier and Fréjus chairlifts, Pré du Bois ski lift
– Fewer pylons (39 pylons dismantled, 22 relocated)

This new project will replace the old fixed Cote Chevalier chairlift with a high speed modern design chair that will increase of the flow of skiers as well as reduce the transfer time between the Villeneuve (Fréjus) and Chantemerle sectors  (3000 / hr compared to 1800/ hr currently). The lift will also provide direct access, on skis, to a large number of runs.


The top disembarkation zone of the Côte Chevalier chairlift remains unchanged but the boarding zone of the lift is at the intersection of the Bez and Lacets runs (see piste map below [in yellow: new lift – in red: dismantled lifts]).



Discover the video of the construction, step by step, of the new Côte Chevalier chairlift.

Conservation measures

SCV Domaine Skiable is very aware of the environmental issues raised in running a ski resort (the environmental observatory was created several years ago) and works hard to reduce the impact that this kind of construction can have on the natural environment, in particular:

 – Ornithological and nesting survey:

Carried out by Acer Campestre from Villeurbanne. The study found 34 different species of birds, of which 24 are linked totally or partially to forest environments. Several species of interest were found including: Black Grouse, Willow Tit and Yellowhammer.
The sector where the Côte Chevalier chairlift construction work is going on has been fully surveyed, as well as the entire lower zone where some of the forest will be cleared. As many accessible trees as possible have been checked and trees with cavities that can serve as nesting sites have been identified and marked for preservation.

– Wetland Conservation:

Wetland zones have been identified and delineated so that construction vehicles cannot access and damage them. The work is being closely monitored throughout the whole construction period and strict measures have been implemented to avoid any deterioration. Damage caused by any of the contractors must be restored by them. Example of preserved wetland, right bank of the Glaize torrent:


– Anthill:

An anthill was discovered above the boarding area. The only solution to preserve it was to carefully move it to a more favourable zone on the edge of the larch forest. The operation went well and the anthill has remained in good condition. Since then, checks have shown that the anthill is active.

2018.07.03 - TSD Côté Chevalier (9)       2018.07.03 - TSD Côté Chevalier (10)

Grassing of the various work areas as the work progresses.

Follow-up meetings are held regularly for the duration of the construction work.

The opening of the new Côte Chevalier chairlift is scheduled for December 2018.

Projet TS Côte Chevalier (4)  Télésiège-Côte-Chevalier-

Serre Chevalier ski area achieves “Green Globe” certification