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Serre Chevalier Vallée Briançon is one of the white water spots in the Hautes-Alpes where you can find free rivers with a natural flow, on which there is a high density of courses. These white water activities are open to all and thanks to the professionals and their experience, you will engage in a practice in total safety.

There are three rivers in the Briançonnais where you can practice these activities :

  • La Durance ( Class.3)

It has its source at 2390m in the commune of Montgenèvre. The Torrent then flows into the Clarée, crosses Briançon and then receives the Guisane. It is the 2nd longest French tributary.

  • La Guisane

It is a tributary of the Durance, with which it flows immediately downstream of Briançon. Its source is at the Col du Lautaret, on the northern slopes of the Combeynot massif. It gave its name to the Guisane valley. The length of its course is 27.7km

  • La Clarée

This torrent has its source on the slopes of Mont Thabor at an altitude of 3,178m. It flows through the Névache valley and after a 28 km journey, joins the Durance at the Vachette, in the commune of Val-des-Prés.

Let the professionals below guide you safely through your whitewater activities.

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