What if this summer... you reached new heights?

Your adventure starts at the summit of Serre Chevalier at an altitude of 2,491 m. Open your eyes and embrace the 360° panorama over the Ecrins National Park and the surrounding mountains. Take a deep breath and fly down the 1,100 m descent, alone, in pairs, with family or friends.

Feel the sensation of hovering in the air, of enjoying a cool breeze stroking your face and experience an intense and emotional moment!

Since last year, you have had the possibility to know your speed thanks to a radar. You may never have been so fast in your life (without engine): this is such an adrenaline-inducing experience! Adventure-seekers, this is for you!

Don't forget to smile for the camera and pick up your picture after the descent. You will enjoy watching it at home in memory of your experience of the Giant Zipline of Serre Chevalier (5 € per picture - credit card payment).*

Better than words, discover the experience in pictures:

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