SOME ADVICE on preparing your car journey for your skiing holiday

  • Plan the journey beforehand

Before you leave, check the condition of the roads, the condition of the snow and the weather forecast, for a smooth journey. If the conditions are difficult, do not take any risks: put your journey off or plan for the difficulties.
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  • Before leaving for your skiing holiday, give your car a complete once-over. Check the battery, the condition of your tyres and that they are inflated to the correct level, and that your lights are working properly.
  • Use snow tyres and consider snow chains. Winter tyres are specially designed for difficult road conditions (ice, snow, wet...) and have a better grip.

Above all, do not leave without a pair of snow chains in your boot. In the case of very heavy snowfall, winter tyres may not be enough.
NB: in the mountains, snow chains may be a requirement as they are considered to be the only equipment that is safe enough. If you do not have them, the police may refuse access to the ski resort.
Before you leave, practise putting the chains on, as it will be more difficult in the cold, snow and more complicated situations.

  •  Make sure you have anti-freeze, a scraper for your windscreen, brooms, a shovel and gloves.

After snow fall or after a cold night, this equipment may be very useful.
When you get there:
- respect parking regulations???? (waiting for a response from the communes detailing their directives) on days with snow fall,

- The Serre Chevalier Vallée Briançon Information Office can provide you with a snow shovel and cables, if necessary.