It's your turn to feel the excitement of the first time!

We mean your first time on the skis of course.

You (or your child) have decided to start skiing? This is an excellent idea!

Please mind that skiing is addictive but this is a beneficial dependence for both your body and spirit!

Everything on the Serre Chevalier ski area has been planned, so that your first ski experience is gentle and smooth.

Your first steps with confidence on our "Discovery" areas.

Located at the foot of the slopes* or up the mountain (easy access), our "Discovery" areas enable you to get used to the slope steepness little by little (on short green pistes). You will find them in each village: Briançon, Chantemerle, Villeneuve and Monêtier.

Is it your first time?

Briançon – An area is reserved for you up the mountain

  • 1 return trip on the Prorel gondola to the mid station 
  • Unlimited access to the Pitchounet drag lift 

Chantemerle - An area is reserved for you up the mountain

  • 1 return trip on the Ratier gondola to the mid station
  • Magic carpet accessible to everyone and 2 Pré Ratier drag lifts 

Villeneuve - Two areas are specially reserved for you

- at the foot of the slopes*  

  • 4 lifts: Chazelet, Mickey, Aiche and Bez 

- up the mountain

  • 1 return trip on the Aravet gondola lift
  • 2 magic carpets accessible to everyone

Monêtier - A special area is reserved for you at the foot of the slopes*

  • 3 drag lifts: Ecole , Pré Chabert and Chanteloube
  • Charmettes magic carpet

Each of these "beginner" areas allows you to safely practice on short green runs.
*At the bottom of the lifts


Useful information: 

  • If you are a first-time skier, i.e., you have never skied before, 2 rope tows are available at the foot of the slopes* in Villeneuve (free access) and at the mid station in Briançon. 
    This is a type of lift in which skiers are hauled up a very gentle slope while grasping a looped rope.
  • The Ski Bus provides easy travel from one sector to another. Find out more

Not quite a beginner but not a champion yet?

You have already skied but it was some time ago. Skiing is like cycling: you don't forget it!

Or you have gained enough confidence in the "Beginner" areas and feel ready to move on to the green and blue runs?

The "Petits Domaines" are for you! You will have fun there, make progress and feel more and more at ease. Imagine how nice it will be when you will have the feeling to control your turns on steeper slopes. You will simply experience the joy of skiing.

  • Briançon:  3-hour pass or 1-day pass >> 2 green runs and 4 blue runs
  • Chantemerle / Villeneuve: 1-day pass >> 7 green runs and 5 blue runs in Chantemerle & 4 green runs et 11 blue runs in Villeneuve
  • Monêtier: 3-hour, 1-day or 6-day pass >> 6 blue runs

Book online on or at one it the Sales Information offices.

Helpful advice 

You are about to start skiing. You are so impatient and we understand you! We give you a few recommendations, so that you are well prepared for the ski adventure.

  • Being fit is essential. Try to do some sports regularly before your ski trip. If you do not know what to do or where to start, you can watch online tutorials.
  • Make sure you have the right clothes: waterproof trousers and jacket, breathable under-garments and fleece(s), gloves, hat... The shops of Serre Chevalier propose suitable clothes and gear.
  • For your ski equipment, visit a sports shops in the valley. Experienced staff will provide you with the best equipment. Don't forget to wear a helmet ;)
  • To learn how to ski and to sharpen your skills, take some lessons with a ski instructor. You will explore the domain with confidence!

Enjoy skiing ;)

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