Descriptif détaillé

    It is a green leisure activity and a sporting discipline, which appeared in France in 1989 in Annonay, based on techniques from the world of tree climbers. The aims of this activity are to offer all participants the possibility of reaching the top of a tree in complete safety and to discover its environment in order to learn to respect it.
    The activity is open to everyone from the age of 7, including people with disabilities. It can be practised wherever there are healthy trees, it is nomadic. All the installations are ephemeral and respectful of the trees, which is why it is not practised in a "park" like the adventure courses.
    Beware! This activity is very different from "adventure courses". Here the participants climb directly on the branches to "visit" a tree from the bottom to the top. There is no course but a rope system, just like in climbing. The concept is to use supervised climbing techniques in the trees combined with removable structures to allow everyone to discover the tree in its most beautiful aspect, in its intimacy.

    "It is by meeting these great plants that everyone can learn to respect what is beautiful."

    As tree climbing is a nomadic activity, it is possible to organise an outing in the trees almost anywhere (parks, forests, gardens...) provided that you have healthy trees and the owner's agreement.

    Trees are living beings that do not like to be disturbed for too long, which is why all the equipment used in the practice does not hurt the trees and can be dismantled, this allows you to change the place regularly and thus avoid harming the forest environment.

    During the whole activity, a professional holding the CQP EGA (Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle d'Educateur Grimpe d'Arbres - Professional Qualification Certificate for Tree Climbing Educators) is present and guarantees safety. Indeed, the supervision rate is 1 professional for 8 participants, which allows each one to progress at his own pace
    This state-recognised diploma is registered in the RNCP and the EGAs hold a sports educator card provided by the DDJS. All the equipment used complies with European standards and the solidity of the trees is checked
    before each activity.

    Période d'ouverture

    All year round.


    Group discovery formula: 8 people / 3h/ 350€ for the group
    Perched bivouacs: from 6pm to 9am / 4 to 8 people / 120€ per person
    Tree-to-tree trip: 3 to 4 people / 150€ per person
    Connected climbing: 4 to 8 people / 1h30/ 35€ per person.

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