The small mountaineers now have their own dedicated area in the Serre Chevalier high altitude area.

The Marmot Camp is equipped with various wooden games for their great pleasure! 

Swing, zip line, balance games, hut with climbing wall but also cork ball game are proposed to them. Long views are also available for observing marmots, for example.

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  • Every day from 9.30am to 5pm* (free access)
  • All games are reserved for children aged 4 to 12 years (use of equipment under the supervision of parents or accompanying adults)
  • The cork balls are available at the Mountain Kart and Scooter reception desk at the arrival of the Ratier gondola (deposit of 2 euros per ball)
  • Access : Ratier cable car (section 1)
*subject to change

Speaking of marmots, do you know this favourite mountain animal? We'll give you some information below.

Did you know?

While walking on the Serre Chevalier area, you may have the chance to meet the emblematic animal of the mountain: the Alps Marmot.

Marmots warn themselves of imminent danger by whistling
Their predators are the golden eagle and the fox
They dig long and very branched galleries in which they can hibernate for up to 6 months.
The best time to observe them discreetly is when they come out of their burrows to feed in the morning or afternoon.
To avoid damaging their health, please do not feed them ;)

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Marmotte Serre Chevalier