And if this summer, you discover the summits on 2 wheels?

The XXL size of the high-altitude area means there are loads of mountain biking routes suitable for everyone.

Discover the different itinieraries proposed:

  • "Cool" version, solo, with friends or family: use the ski lifts to reach the summits safely and easily for some exhilarating mountain bike tours. Explore routes suitable for everyone (in green and blue on the map), that start at the top of the Serre Chevalier cable car in Chantemerle. The 380 ° panorama is a bonus!
  • 4 fun areas, developed by the Serre Chevalier Bike Park team, that help you improve your technique: fun bike ride, Enduro Pedagogik, Discover MTB, Rolling Zone.
  • "Intermediate & expert" version for regular or expert athletes: there are plenty of trails throughout the high-altitude area. The routes are marked in red and black on the map and there is also information on vertical drop and distance.

Information on the different areas and downhill mountain biking is available on the website.

Just ask for a map from the Sales Desks or the Tourist Office: you will find detailed information on mountain biking >> download the itinerary map.


MTB rates summer 2022*


- Advance purchase recommended on our online sales site or at an Sales Office -

  • Section 1 : access Prorel gondola section 1, Ratier gondola, Casse du Boeuf and Bachas chairlift
  • Section 2 : access to all the lifts in the Serre Chevalier ski area

From 12 years old

1 ride - single rate - section 1 or 2: 18,45 €
Day pass: 24,50 €
Half Day pass(1): 21 €
Grande Galaxie MTB season pass(2): 240 €

From 6 to 11 years old

1 ride - single rate - section 1 or 2: 15,50 €
Day pass: 21 €
Half Day pass(1): 17,90 €
Saison Grande Galaxie MTB season pass(2): 204 €

(1) Valid morning or afternoon from 1pm
(2) Includes 2 free days per Grande Galaxie resort.

Group rates

For any group rate requests (minimum 20 people) please email the sales department at this address: 

Reduced mobility

Two possibilities * are available for those with disabilities:
>> With a disability card - incapacity rate equal to or greater than 80% -:
- Adult or child: free
- Accompanying person (if required): 50% off the public rate
>> With a disability priority card - incapacity rate below 80%:
- Adult: child rate
- Child: free

Let’s keep the mountains clean and safe for everyone!

• Always wear a helmet (and gloves whenever possible) on touring and mountain bikes
• For downhill mountain biking, a full face helmet, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads and back protector are highly recommended.
• Make sure you use the right type/size of bike that has been regularly serviced

Be careful:
• Never go on a ride alone
• When using a trail for the first time, scout it out, adapt your speed and watch out for unexpected difficulties
• Adapt your speed according to the weather conditions, your ability and each obstacle or module
• Do not attempt reckless jumps

VTT Serre Chevalier

Courtesy to others:
• Adapt your speed to others on the trail and the visibility ahead
• To pass or overtake, make sure others can see or hear you, slow down, keep a safe distance, slow to walking pace or stop: walkers always have priority
• Do not stop on the trail, park off the track or use the special stopping zones
• Keep well off the track to take photos and / or videos and always be on the lookout for approaching riders

Respect the signs and markers:
• Mountain biking is not authorised on all trails, make sure you are well informed
• Be vigilant and respect all signs and markers

Respect the environment, livestock and farmers:
• Keep the mountains beautiful, don't leave any litter behind
• Stick to the designated paths and areas: do not create your own track, shortcut or jumps
• Limit your skidding, rail your turns and do not cut corners.

Important numbers:
Météo France (weather forecast): 08 99 71 02 05
Mountain Rescue: 112

Discover all the activities offered on the high altitude domain during the summer season.

All Ticket prices are valid for the whole 2022 summer season and include all taxes at the current VAT rate, i.e. ten percent (10%) of the pre-tax price. (Art. 279b quater of the General Tax Code).However, any increase in VAT will be automatically reflected in the price, including tax, of orders submitted from the date of the increased VAT rate.