4,4 km long with 500m vertical drop:
enjoy a crazy ride down the mountain, as fast or as slow as you like!


A fabulous ride all the way down fril summit on a 3 wheeked kart: don't worry it's got breaks! Fun for all the family!

You have the choice between two routes:

  • 3 Croix (4,4 km)
  • Vallons (3,6 km)

Open every day from 4th July to 13th September 2020*

CHANTEMERLE - Serre Ratier
Access: Ratier gondola & Combes lift
10:00 > 4:00 (last descent)

The Mountain Kart ticket entitles you to a round trip on the Ratier cable car, a ride up the Combes chairlift, kart + helmet rental and a ride down from the summit of Serre Chevalier to the Serre Ratier plateau.

Summer Rates Activities

  Mountain kart Mountain Trot or Trot'Electric 2 activity Pack Mountain Kart + Mountain Trot'
1 desent 29,70€ 26,90€ 42,70€
5 descents 118,80€ 107,60€ 170,80€
1 altitude descent* 17,00€ 17,00€ 30,00€
5 altitude descents* 68,00€ 68,00€ 120,00€

Price for holders of a valid foot or mountain bike pass.

* subject to change

Tarifs été 2021*


Pack 1 activité mountain kart : 29 €
Pack 2 activités mountain kart : 45 €
Pack 2 activités tyrolienne + mountain kart : 55 €


Pack 1 activité moutain kart : 25 €
Pack 2 activités :
>> 2 mountain kart : 39 €
>> 1 tyrolienne + 1 mountain kart: 47€

(1)achat simultané de 4 produits identiques / 2 parents + 2 juniors âgés - 21 ans

*sous réserve de modifications

Le tarif comprend :
- le prêt du matériel activité et casque éventuellement
- accès sentiers du sommet de Serre Chevalier à Serre Ratier

Check out the video!

Safety rules and regulations

Please read these instructions before your Mountain Kart run:

1) You must wear a helmet (we can provide you with one)

2) Wear suitable walking shoes

3) Respect others and keep a safe distance between karts

4) Control your speed and adapt your driving to your skill level

5) Keep on the marked track and follow signs

6) Do not stop on the track

7) Look after the equipment and listen to instructions given by staff

8) If you have a technical problem with a kart, phone the support number

9) In the event of an accident, call 112 and provide any assistance you can

10) You must be at least 1.35m tall

All about Scooter

All Ticket prices are valid for the whole 2020 summer season and include all taxes at the current VAT rate, i.e. ten percent (10%) of the pre-tax price. (Art. 279b quater of the General Tax Code).However, any increase in VAT will be automatically reflected in the price, including tax, of orders submitted from the date of the increased VAT rate.
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