To consider as handicraft the fact of transforming products thanks to a particular know-how and out of mass industrial context.
The craftsman generally ensures all the stages of the transformation of its/their products.

The craftsman is a professional who carries out manual work.

In Serre Chevalier we have many craftsmen and women, here is a non-exhaustive list

Artisan stores

To gather in the same place several craftsmen of Serre Chevalier Valley Briançon:
Maison d'Artisans de Pays des Hautes-Alpes in Briançon:
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The Art Workshops of Serre Chevalier :
located in the heart of the village of Chantemerle, the artisans of Serre Chevalier have formed an association to promote their creations.
You will be able to meet a woodturner, a painter and woodcarver, a soap maker (she will explain to you all the mysteries of saponification!), a seamstress who mixes with a lot of taste, fabrics, bias and braids, a cutler, a felter (playing with wool, felting it to give it another life), artists on wood, elixirs, a jewelery designer ...
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Here are the Alps, with a touch of Italy and Haute Provence..
Serre Chevalier Vallée Briançon is the ideal place for lovers of local products, mountain specialties marinated with a touch of Italian flavors. Sheepfold, honey factory, farm, cheese factory, chocolate factory..

Here is a selection of "signature" products by our local artisans to be tested urgently!

Wool: The Longo Mai spinning mill

The transformation of wool will no longer hold any secrets for you: from the fleece to the finished products (breeding, shearing, washing, carding, spinning, knitting, weaving, garment making, screen printing).

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Beer with Genepi from the Hautes Alpes - Brasserie des Grands Cols

The Brasserie des Grands Cols, which can be visited, has been brewing pure malt lager, white beer and amber beer since 1998. You can also find beers with local flavors such as thyme beer or genepi from the Hautes-Alpes.
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Artisanal production of liqueurs and eaux de vie located in the heart of the Serre Chevalier valley.
The D4F is a family business rich in know-how.
Our products are made with fruits and plants from the Hautes-Alpes, some of which are endemic to the Serre Chevalier valley.
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Chocolate made in Serre Chevalier:
100% vegan direct trade.
Support your local factory and cocoa producers.
Asajaya 78% Dark :
Serian 78% Dark
Togis 78% Dark
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Our bees produce different honeys in the region, labeled Organic Agriculture, including a high mountain honey marketed under the brand Esprit Parc des Écrins.
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