The Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier is back: it's going to be a party!

The craziest race in the country will take place on March 25, 2023.

A sporting and festive event without equal!

The Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier will take place on March 25, 2023. Participants and supporters, all sweet or crazy, will meet on the ski area for a day of madness that will take place in a joyful atmosphere. A great moment of happiness and camaraderie not to be missed. On your marks, get set, go... or almost!

A test of the last century 😀

Between 1986 and 1989, the resort of Serre Chevalier drew attention by creating an original event bringing together the pioneers of snowboarding. It was a derby in which participants raced in waves of 15 down the slopes from the top of the mythical Cucumelle to the bottom of the resort. In addition to the derby, there were other events such as the free downhill, a freestyle race, a super giant... and the whole thing formed the Grand Prix. The only rules governing this little world were a single start and a single finish with the motto: May the best man win! All this in a joyful and good mood.

The Grand Prix of Serre Chevalier, the return!

Relaunched in 2017 after 27 years of absence, this event like no other has taken place 3 years in a row and has been a growing success with 1,900 participants in 2019. After a forced interruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is back on March 25, 2023 for an edition as crazy as ever, mixing known events with new ones. How to qualify this type of event: derby, enduro, orienteering, marathon, rally, obstacle course? Take a bit of each discipline and you will have the most beautiful sporting and festive event in the country! Ski, snowboard, telemark, monoski, snowscoot... all identified sliding objects are welcome. Choose yours and let your creativity express itself during a crazy day of skiing that will take you to discover the Serre Chevalier area.

On the glide barometer, are you a soft or crazy person? 🤪

Which category do you fall into? This is a question you absolutely must ask yourself before participating.

If you're the "quiet" ski type, trying to spot the first crocuses poking through the snow (maybe that's a little too early), then your barometer is set on soft. On skis, you are a enfant terrible and you master the technique, including off-piste? No doubt about it, you're a nutcase ! It's time to reveal it.

Whether you are a seasoned skier who has come to win or a "Sunday" skier with no goal of victory, your place is at the Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier. Sharpen your best sliding gear, your inimitable style (hay sled or world championship skier style), ideally prepare your funniest disguise and register.

Oh yes, good humor is also a must. But, if by chance, you are grumpy that day when you wake up, the atmosphere that will reign will make you happy and give you a smile!

Registrations are open

Notice to the sweet and the crazy, registration for the race is open !

But how does it work? Nothing could be easier, just follow the guide:

  • You can register online solo or in teams of 2.
  • The "Race" pack includes a "welcome pack" with many surprises; don't insist, you won't know more. You will also find your race number, essential to compete, to access the refreshment stations (coffee/tea and pastries at the start) and to have something to drink during the race. Because yes, you will sweat: the Grand Prix makes you thirsty! At the finish line, a hearty meal is waiting for you to recharge your batteries. Last but not least, the contents of your "Race" pack: the course map with details for each event and the system that will allow the stopwatch to record your performance.
  • To make your life easier, Serre Chevalier Valley Reservations has thought of everything by offering you "accommodation + race pack registration" packages. Your accommodation is booked and all you have to do is worry about your skis or other sliding equipment... and your costume!


Book your WE for the Grand Prix of Serre Chevalier

You can register now and book your Week-End with the all-inclusive!

Your choice :

2 nights rental + registration + 1 day of skiing Book

3 nights rental + registration + 2 days skiing Book

NEW - You are sweet and/or crazy but you don't ski : long live the "Supporter" pack

You don't want to take part in the event but you don't want to miss the Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier : the "Supporter" pack is the one you need. You can live the crazy atmosphere of the event while encouraging your cousin Justine, your uncle Pierre or your friend Jocelyn. They need your unconditional support!

If you feel like a crazy supporter, you will receive a bib without a number, you will be able to follow the race without doing it and support the participants. To keep them pumped up, fan zones are even planned on some events. You will have access to refreshments at the start and along the race as well as a meal at the finish that you can share with your favorite champions. Your pack also includes a map of the course and details of each event as well as a supporter kit to set the mood. We won't tell you more...

Your credo is "softly, softly": the "softly" Supporter package allows you to wait quietly at the finish line on the snow front of Monêtier-les-Bains without having to put on your skis. As for the sweetness, you will have the right to a meal at the arrival. On the other hand, don't fall asleep in the sun in the finish area because your mission will be to encourage all the valiant competitors who cross the line. It will be a lot of work because there will be many of them!

In "Crazy Supporter" or "Soft Supporter" mode

And when the race is over, the party is not over

The crazy atmosphere continues on the snow front of Monêtier-les-Bains. Participants, supporters, sweet, crazy, with or without disguise, you will all meet in the finish village where a giant tartiflette, a village of brands, the stands of partners, games, music ... The party continues!

🎤🤵📺📰 Are you a journalist with an itch to participate in the Grand Prix?

We understand you! Press registrations, it happens here!

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If there is an event not to be missed in Serre Chevalier, it is this one. Magical in any season, the resort takes on an extra dimension with a (big, very big) touch of madness during the Grand Prix.