What if you were to live an unusual experience?

Night train according to Wikipedia 🚊:
A night train is a train that runs at night and has sleeping seats for passengers. The night train differs from other mainline trains in that its route is traveled during the night, often at moderate speeds and with few intermediate stops.
The objective is to allow the traveler to make a long journey while sleeping.

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The night train only has advantages:

Night trains have many advantages, especially when compared to other modes of transportation.
Traveling by night train :

  • reduce your carbon footprint (choose a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation than airplanes or cars...)
  • live a unique experience: make a rather ordinary trip a unique experience. Travel with your tribe, with friends... This is a better way to start your vacations with an unusual experience.
  • Save on travel and accommodation: your night in the train saves you a night in a hotel ;-)
The humor of an SNCF agent
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Let the magic happen

Imagine ....

Here you are on the platform of the station in Paris, with your 2 kids and your darling. An unforgettable experience is coming up. 11:30 am is the time it will take to live the change of scenery (don't panic, the change of scenery will happen while you sleep).

Let the magic happen (levicorpus trainos locomotor glisseo)
It is 8:35 am and you raise the blinds of your sleeper compartment ....And there ....You wake up in the Snow!!!


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Train de nuit Serre Chevalier

The Night Kit (provided) to travel well:
- water bottle
- earplugs
- tissues

- refreshing wipes
- eye mask

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When Bestjobers tests the night train, it looks like this.... 😀

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Bruno Maltor I test the night train for Briançon - Serre Chevalier
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