rafting in Serre Chevalier without taking the water...or not !

rafting is fun

Rafting in Serre Chevalier : a refreshing activity to practice

Pure sensations for sportsmen (confirmed or not) and/or for families.
From Villeneuve to Briançon for example, take advantage of the descent of the magnificent rapids such as the labyrinth, the wallet... In a wild setting bordered by the Ecrins national park you will experience strong sensations, the aficionados of water sports will inevitably find their happiness.

Several courses are possible: on the Guisane, the Romanche, the Durance. According to your level, the duration of the descent, whether in contemplative or sporty mode, with family or friends, you will surely find the river that suits you!

The rafting source of emotions and strong sensations

Pure sensations! Rafting allows you to evolve in a completely natural environment often inaccessible to man by other means than a river boat.
In the heart of nature and lulled by the lapping of the water you will discover nature from another angle.
Rafting is both contemplative and sporty, it builds team spirit and strengthens the muscles. Rafting also allows you to enjoy strong sensations.

Rivers in the Hautes-Alpes

With nearly a dozen navigable rivers, the Hautes-Alpes department is often rightly considered as the Mecca of rafting.
At the foot of the Ecrins massif, white water rafting in Serre Chevalier is practiced on the Durance and the Guisane.
Depending on the time of year and your level, you can go rafting for sport or for pleasure.

Who goes rafting?

Rafting for all, provided you can swim! It is therefore recommended to practice this activity with children aged 7 and over (please ask the service provider).

A bit of history: what is rafting

Rafting was born on the Colorado River in the United States in the 1950s. It will be imported in France in the 80s.
From the English word to raft: to cross down (a river) in a raft.
Rafting is a leisure activity which consists in going down rivers in a pneumatic boat (raft). The boat is operated either with a paddle by several crew members, or with a single person rowing.
Rafting is considered a whitewater sport that appeals to lovers of strong sensations and nature.

Rafting Serre Chevalier
In addition to rafting you will have a wide choice of activities to practice in white water: Canoeing, hydrospeed, hot-dogging, canyoning, ....
Rafting Serre Chevalier

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