So that your snow outings are nothing but fun.

Whether you want to enjoy your day on the slopes in peace or you want to enjoy a virgin snow area, safety is always a must in the mountains.

Follow our advice to live moments of pure magic, while limiting the danger for you and others.

Safety in the mountains starts on the marked area

Skiing is a wonderful but demanding sport.

By respecting a few rules, you can contribute to the success of your day and that of others.

Like most of our visitors, you only ski on the groomed and marked trails when the lifts are open? You're right, the Serre Chevalier teams put all their energy into providing you with the best possible playground!

Precautions to take during the opening hours of the domain

  • Your safety begins with theuse of appropriate equipment, perfectly adjusted by professionals: skis or other sliding equipment, bindings, boots, helmets.
  • It is reinforced by the respect of other skiers and the consideration of the signage.
  • Our information panels give you all the necessary information about the marking of the slopes, the potential dangers and the risks of avalanche.
  • Know how to evaluate your physical condition and your level of skiing. By taking these two factors into account, you will be able to choose the best itineraries in the area for maximum pleasure and safety.
  • The snow and weather conditions will determine the organization of your day.
  • In this regard, it may happen that a part of the domain is closed in case of PIDA (Plan d'Intervention de Déclenchement des Avalanches), which means that you are not allowed to be in the area concerned.

Our ski patrollers are happy to answer all your questions. You can find them on the ski area or visit them at the rescue stations.

We advise you to register the phone number of our Central Secours: +33 (0)4 95 25 55 65 or 112.

Regulations outside the opening hours of the domain

Once the night falls, you have the impression that the whole mountain is asleep. Wrong! After the slopes are closed by the ski patrol, another life begins with the fascinating ballet of the groomers. The 18 machines, 7 of which are equipped with a winch, are busy until the morning so that you can ski on velvet the next day. Invisible groomers and winch cables are real hazards.
Depending on the conditions, the aforementioned PIDA can be activated outside of the domain's opening hours. Be careful!

To guarantee your safety and avoid serious accidents, night activities on the Serre Chevalier ski area are strictly forbidden. (Each commune of the domain has taken a decree in this sense)

Mountain safety and off-piste evolution

Do you have itchy spatulas? The snow looks so light and the weather is so perfect! You tell yourself that it's a great day to get off the slopes.

Be careful, the wild mountain is not without risks: the snow cover can be unstable and change quickly as the weather.

The PGHM (Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne) of Briançon is composed of "gendarmes-secouristes", professionals experienced in rescue operations in the mountain environment.

On Facebook, the PGHM publishes prevention messages according to the current conditions.

It helped us to elaborate the following recommendations 😊

Preparation beforehand, an essential step for your safety.
There is no such thing as zero risk and this is especially true when you leave the ski area whether you are on skis, snowshoes or simply on foot.

Limiting the danger is possible by observing and respecting the following instructions:

  • You must prepare your route by taking into account many parameters: topography, slope inclination and orientation, weather, avalanche risk. To do this, you have different tools at your disposal:

- iGN map and topos ;
- weather report ;
- avalanche risk assessment bulletin (BERA)...

  • Never go alone.
  • It is imperative that you inform a third party of the itinerary you will be taking and of the variants envisaged.
  • Equip yourself with the appropriate equipment, in working order: shovel, probe, avalanche beacon, ABS bag.
  • Stay humble in front of the mountain. If you don't have the required knowledge, if you don't master your equipment perfectly or for any other reason, surround yourself with professionals who will advise you, accompany you and help you progress



During your off-piste outing, prevention is redoubled.
You meet up with your hiking or freeride companions and are all ready to go.

One last piece of advice before you set off: don't leave without checking your avalanche transceiver at one of the 5 free-access terminals spread throughout the area.

Once you are on your way, the magic of the moment should not make you forget theessential safety rules:

  • know how to analyze the terrain;
  • know how to evaluate the technical, physical and mentallevel of each participant throughout the outing
  • know how to give up;
  • When an avalanche is triggered without a victim, warn the mountain rescue units such as the PGHM and the CRS Alpes (dial 112).

After your outing in the mountains, there are still a few steps to take

  • Inform your family and friends of your return.
  • Check your equipment so that it is ready for the next outing, especially your avalanche transceiver for a possible battery change.
  • We cannot repeat it enough:

in the mountains, safety and happiness are linked!

PGHM Briançon

Reminder of numbers to be learned by ❤️ or record directly in your phone 📱

Central Secours Serre Chevalier Domaine Skiable +33 (0)4 95 25 55 65

Mountain alert number 112

And don't forget, for your stay in the mountains to be successful, respecting the mountain safety rules is essential ☺️