Fishing in high altitude lakes:

  • Opening: 3 rd Saturday of June:
  • Closing: 2 nd Sunday of October:
  • These are all the lakes located above 1800m of altitude, all classified in 1st category

Fishing in Serre Chevalier Vallée Briançon: a tranquil getaway for nature lovers.

Serre Chevalier Vallée Briançon is not only a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts and mountain adventurers.
Insummer, this valley transforms itself into an idyllic haven for anglers of all levels, offering a thrilling waterside experience.
Here's your complete guide to a memorable fishing session in the crystal-clear waters of Serre Chevalier Vallée Briançon.

Unmissable spots

The valley abounds in rivers perfect for fishing. Among them, the Guisane is undoubtedly the region's most famous river. Originating at the Col du Lautaret, this stream meanders through the valley and is particularly popular for trout fishing. Along the Guisane, you'll find specially developed areas where beginners can learn in complete safety and experts can put their skills to the test.

The Durance , which flows through Briançon, is ideal for those seeking a more dynamic challenge. Rich in fish such as trout and char, the Durance offers a variety of courses suitable for both fly fishing and more traditional techniques.
The areas around Briançon are particularly prized for their accessibility and the quality of their aquatic fauna.

Guisane Ete 2022 - Serre Chevalier Briancon
Fishing regulations and licences

It is important to note that fishing is regulated to ensure the sustainability of aquatic ecosystems.

Anglers must obtain a fishing permit, available online or from Tourist Office information offices or specialist fishing stores.
This permit allows you to fish in all authorized areas of the Hautes-Alpes, respecting opening periods and catch quotas.

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The mystery of the fly

Getting started with a fly is all about getting equipped and understanding how the thing works.
The rod is thin and rather supple, and to cast a fly of a few micrograms it uses what's called a fly line, which ends in a nylon or fluoro leader.

Choosing a fly is a complete mystery, but there are some logical leads.

  • Dry flies, which float on the water and contain mayflies, beetles and other insects
  • emerging flies, floating in the film and representing flies just starting to live or laying eggs
  • drowned flies, which, as the name suggests, are underwater flies and sinking nymphs imitating underwater larvae.

If fly-fishing is so enjoyable, it's because it involves so much more than catching fish.
Fly-fishermen claim to be sport-fishermen, as much for the physical aspect it requires as for a particular state of mind. A growing proportion of fly fishers voluntarily return most of their catch to the water, even those over the legal size. This respect for fish is part of a new approach that attracts more and more fly-fishermen every day. Closer to nature and the environment, the fly fisher enjoys fishing, the river and the fish (which he or she readily considers to be playmates), completely forgetting about the food aspect.

Fly fishing with a guide

Become a responsible fisherman and practice "No-Kill"

You don't have to kill the fish to have fun! Releasing the fish will give you just as much pleasure, if not more, but don't forget to take a photo of your catch

  • Crush the barb to unhook captured fish more easily without injuring them.
  • Stay crouched down to avoid a big fall (just in case) from your catch.
  • Remember to wet your hands before catching to avoid stripping the fish of its protective mucus.
  • Catch the fish with a landing net.
  • Reoxygenate the fish by holding it in the water. Move the fish back and forth to circulate water through its gills

Your fish is now ready to go, YOUPI!

Fishing at altitude


Fishing season for high-altitude lakes: June 15 to October 27

By way of derogation, these lakes are subject to specific regulations and opening periods, as they are classified as 1st category (lakes at an altitude of over 1800 m - private property).
In contrast, lakes situated at an altitude of less than 1800 m are classified as 2nd category (e.g. Eygliers lake), or free category (e.g. Aiguilles lake, only supplied during the summer season).

This type of fishing always reserves moments of pure freedom.
It's often only after a few hours' walk that you can access the intimacy of these high-altitude lakes.

A fishing licence is compulsory (Fishing without a card is an offence punishable by a fine of 180 to 360 Euros).

La pêche à Serre Chevalier

What you need to know :

  • minimum size for trout, brook salmon and Arctic char: 20cm
  • The use of barbed hooks is forbidden except when fishing for live or dead fish, spoon fishing and artificial fly fishing.
  • Fishing from a boat or using any floating object is prohibited.
  • Only live or dead "phoxynus-phoxynus" minnows may be fished.
  • The other provisions of the 1st category regulations remain unchanged.
  • The number of salmonids is limited to 6 per day and per angler. All fish, even live ones, kept in a basket during the fishing trip, are considered as caught fish.

Some examples of high-altitude lakes:

  • Lac des Cordes
    - Altitude: 2446m
    - Surface area (hectare): 2
    - Starting point on foot: Chalets les Chalps - Cervières
    - Time (approx.): 1h15
    - Species present: Rainbow trout
  • Le Noir:
    - Altitude: 2440 m
    - Surface (hectare): 0.8
    - Starting point on foot: Le Chazelet - La Grave
    - Time (approx.): 2h45
    - Species present: Rainbow trout
  • Lac Cristol
    - Altitude: 2245m
    - Surface area (hectare): 1.9
    - Starting point on foot: Parking Bergerie - Saint Chaffrey
    - Time (approx.): 0h50
    - Species present: Rainbow trout, Trout, Trout in the water: Rainbow trout, Brown trout
  • L'Oule:
    - Altitude: 2425 m
    - Surface area (hectare): 1.6
    - Starting point on foot: Parking Col du Granon - Saint Chaffrey
    - Time (approx.): 0H50
    - Species present: Rainbow trout, Arctic char: Fario trout, Arctic char
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