Serre Chevalier Vallée Briançon is the only destination with a combination of a fantastic skiing experience and exceptional cultural heritage.

The history and heritage sites were there long before skiing, even though the biggest resort in the southern Alps will be celebrating its 80th anniversary in December 2021! Each village has its own picturesque little centre with ancient buildings, such as Briançon and its Vauban fortifications listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, and these treasures can be admired from the slopes in the Prorel sector, or visited on a snowshoeing hike. If you’re a fan of heritage sites, you won’t be disappointed!

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Serre Chevalier Briançon Terre de Culture Patrimoine UNESCO

Explore the historic town of Briançon and look out for the monuments and historic details.

There’s nothing better than a leisurely stroll along the Grande Rue (also known as Grande Gargouille) from the Porte de Pignerol. From there, explore the narrow little streets that veer off to your left or right, and just let yourself wander around. Look at the walls, stones, engravings, doors and various architectural details created thanks to the ingenuity of Vauban, whose fortifications are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Imagine what life was like here before... If you want to find out more, then take a guided tour to find out all the secrets of the Vauban City and its 300-year-old collegiate church!
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Transformation of the lower part of the town, and the unmissable market place!

Briançon has always been a town of passage between the north and south, east and west of France. It was also a military town, with a town centre that needed defending, and a popular training ground where troops were trained to be posted in high mountain areas. Since the army left this town, the barracks and military districts have been undergoing a transformation. In a few years’ time, the lower part of the town will have been completely redesigned. Don’t miss the colourful market full of products of the mountains and Italian specialities that our neighbours have brought us over the mountain passes.

Patrimoine Serre Chevalier, enfant, famille


Take a stroll around the picturesque villages of Guisane valley

The sun makes everything that little bit more beautiful, and the snow brings magic with it, even more so when the snowflakes are falling. The child within us encourages us to do things we wouldn’t normally do, such as stick out our tongues to catch the snowflakes, have an improvised snowball fight, enjoy sliding down the snow, etc. In the picturesque little streets of the Serre Chevalier hamlets, take the time to admire the authentic houses with details that are so characteristic of the mountains, the sundials, fountains, etc.
Our heritage guide Renaud will take you on a discovery of the heritage treasures in the villages throughout the valley, and these guided tours are free-of-charge all winter long!
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Forts vaubant à Briançon


Visit the Vauban forts in snowshoes! 

They are built into the mountainsides around the fortified town, and are eye-catching, intriguing places that will make you pause for thought. What were they used for? Are they still used today? The heritage guides will answer all your questions and each year will come up with even more innovative ways of encouraging you to look at these heritage sites differently. In the winter, you can visit the forts in snowshoes with a mountain guide and a heritage guide!

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Serre Chevalier Vallée Briançon is a Land of Culture at the heart of the elements...refreshing, with all the colours of the wind...creating a land overflowing with life.
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