The Grands Bains du Monêtier : all to the water... thermal !

Jasmine, Clovis and their children are fans of the Grands Bains du Monêtier. They tell you all about their experience and their favorite spaces.

The Grands Bains du Monêtier thermal baths are a source of well-being and pleasure. As it is the users of the place who speak best about it, we went to meet a family used to spend their vacations in Serre Chevalier. It is Jasmine and Clovis and their two children Lucien, 9 years old and Jeanne, 7 years old.

A must for the whole family

I am Jasmine, the mother of this tribe

For us, the Grands Bains du Monêtier are an essential step during our stays in Serre Chevalier.

To have at the foot of the ski slopes a playful, modern, large and luminous space, withhot thermal water with recognized virtues since the dawn of time is exceptional.

I am an unconditional fan ! Our visit to the Grands Bains is always divided into three parts:

  • a moment all together
  • a moment when I stay alone with the children
  • a moment of relaxation for me, Clovis taking care of the little ones.

And, sometimes, we add a fourth part with a meal or a snack at the restaurant "La Terrasse"

Jasmine's favorite spaces at the Grands Bains du Monêtier

I must admit that I particularly enjoy this time alone, this time when I am alone with myself.

It is a moment of absolute relaxation for the body and the mind.

I never miss the Roman trilogy with the frigidarium (gla gla), tepidarium and caldarium.

I come out toned and refreshed. I also have a weakness for the musical cave.


Lying on my back in the warm water ♨️ with my ears immersed, I feel all the benefits of the relaxing music.

To detoxify my body, I always spend long minutes in the hammam. Heat and humidity suit me perfectly.

I could talk about the Grands Bains for hours, the four of us spend so many happy moments there.

I reserve my Romano Irish access

Thermal water and warmth: the winning duo for Clovis' rejuvenation

My name is Clovis. I am also a fan of the Grands Bains du Monêtier.

We are always happy to find this haven of peace during our vacations. When I am alone, I prefer theRoman-Irish area, reserved for adults.

I like the combination ofthermal water baths and dry, warm spaces. I always visit the three saunas with variable temperatures and the outdoor jacuzzi .

This one is worth it just for the view of the mountains.


When the sun is shining, the light is beautiful. When the weather is gloomy, it's delicious to feel the snow touching you while being warm in the jacuzzi!

I reserve my access to the Grands Bains

Family relaxation: the opinion of Jeanne and Lucien

What we like are the indoor and outdoor pools.

We stand under the jets and the water bounces off our shoulders and head. They are called goosenecks.

In the outdoor pool, we love the circular current as we move against the current in the water. Even though it's hard, it's fun.

Besides, mom and dad tell us that it's good to relax our ski legs.

From the pool, we can see the slopes that we are skiing down, it is really beautiful! The very last thing we do before leaving the place, it is to lie down on the warm marbles. If we stay lying down too long, we tend to fall asleep! 💤

Practical info:

👉 Les Grands Bains are open every day until April 16, 2023 then in partial openings until May 21, 2023.

👉 The mornings recreation from 9am to 11am, Tuesdays and Thursdays to enjoy the aquatic modules in family.

👉 Zen slots reserved for adults on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm to 8pm. Calmness guaranteed! (last entry for children under 14 years old at 2pm)

👉 Night openings every Monday until 10:30 pm ( -14 years old are not allowed on this slot)

Find the rates and remember to book your slots 📅