Chantemerle / Saint-Chaffrey,

a real center of experiences !

Since the Tour de France 2022 has put the spotlight on the arduous and anthological slopes of the Granon, Saint-Chaffrey shines with a sparkling yellow, like the sun that shines on this sunny side of the town.

With its 11.3 km of murderous gradients (from 7 to 11%), the ogre of the Briançonnais (2,413m) is one of the most difficult and demanding passes in Europe.


In short, an exceptional pass, out of category, rough and uncompromising, which inevitably participated in the legend of the Grande Boucle in 1986 and again in 2022.

All the valiant of the earth with shapely calves come to try the harshness of the climbing asphalt especially during the days " cols réservés 2023 " on July 5th and August 16th 2023.

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The Granon, an unmissable alpine icon, can also be discovered by the many hiking trails that crisscross the mountain pastures.

On this zone classified Natura 2000, wild fauna, protected species like the black grouse, a rich endemic flora, forests and pastures dedicated to pastoralism cohabit. The alpine hamlet of Tronchets is a first step towards the refreshment bar at the top of the pass planted between the military buildings.

From this postcard in the form of an ode to nature, paragliders take off under the almost envious gaze of mountain bikers who have climbed so high "à la pédale". At the Granon, the playful field of possibilities is wide open. You can walk, run, ride, fly, eat, rest and breathe the fresh air. Contemplation is encouraged at all alpine levels.

Opposite, on the ubac, on the side of the ski lifts, the afficionados of downhill cross-country skiing will enjoy the Bike park of Serre Chevalier Vallée Briançon.

Mountain bikes, DH, but also karts and big wheel scooters are available on the shapped tracks for lovers of high speed turns, woops and enduro. There are four different areas to suit everyone's needs and level. Including those who, after a climb to the summits by the red and historic Ratier cable car, want to test the giant zip line and split the wind at breakneck speed.

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Chantemerle, nestled along the Guisane river, stretches its Colombiers park, another place of sporty and relaxing libations: pumptrack, tennis, paths, games for children, restaurant, bowling alley, barbecues, pond and especially Organic swimming.

In a wooded setting, this natural aquatic space offers an ecological bathing. An innovative and refreshing concept in the heart of summer, hot sometimes very hot! To the point of panicking the needles of the sundials that adorn the country houses of the hamlets of Chantemerle or Villard-Laté. Between chapels, churches, fountains, bread ovens, the alleys of these mountain villages are full of a heritage that tells the story of these highlands that continue to celebrate their mountain culture during village festivals.

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Did you know that ?

The canals of the Briançonnais

Built in the Middle Ages, the twelve watering canals of the Briançonnais allow a culture made very delicate by the atmospheric conditions. The 120 km of canals in the Briançonnais ensure the regulation of runoff water during storms or snowmelt. They also contribute to the development of the vegetation in the vicinity and to the feeding of the water tables. Their suppression would be a catastrophe for the Briançonnais and could have an indirect impact on the fire risk. This is why this heritage is carefully maintained.

Take the paths that border the most important ones, those of the Guisane valley. Left bank: the Grand Canal de Ville and the Gaillard Canal, right bank: the Queyrelles Canal and the Canal Neuf.